We allow you to pick from our puppies that all meet high health, coat, and temperament standards to enroll in our training program. Your puppy can begin the training program around 8 weeks old and will graduate around 6-7 months old.

When it’s time for your puppy to join your family, we are able to personally deliver them to your home.

After leaving their mom at 8 weeks, each little doggie will live in the private puppy home for the duration of their training program developing a foundation of good habits from the beginning.

In this training program your pup will progress through multiple stages of training difficulty and standards. Our puppies are trained with positive reenforcement and the use of an E-collar. This program extends through those early puppy development stages where certain social and behavioral concerns are greater.

Benefits of the longer training program include allowing more time for maturing and instilling good behaviors in your pup- both in the home and out. In this program they will receive a full round of select vaccines to protect them while in their most vulnerable young months, which allows them greater socialization opportunities.

Your pup will be accustomed to a daily schedule and routine allowing for more time between potty breaks during the day and holding through the night. The discipline developed in this program allows for greater ease in the transition of your pup from our care to yours.

Our Training Program Details

Benefits of our Training

Obedience to Basic Commands

  • ‘Sit’- (from 15 feet away for 30 seconds)

  • ‘Down’ – (from 15 feet away for 30 seconds)

  • ‘Ok’ – as permission to stop sitting/staying

  • ‘Come’- voice command from a distance of 30 feet

  • ‘Off’ – to respond immediately if jumping up ever occurs

  • ‘Place’– go to a designated open bed or mat and stay there for 30 seconds

House and Social Manners

  • Crated 8 hours at night without accidents.

  • Able to hold between potty breaks for 3 hours during the day

  • Rarely chews something inappropriate while someone is present

  • Understands and responds to the ‘leave it’ command

  • Nipping and jump-trained

  • Does not bite hands and will rarely jump up on people

  • Leash Training to Loose-Leash Walking – to walk on the left side and rarely pull.

  • Know how to auto-sit each time the walker stops.

  • Car Traveling – take a ride without having any potty accidents for 3 hours

Proper Socialization 

  • Used to visiting other people’s homes, pet-friendly stores, and dog parks/walks

  • Accustomed to individuals and children of various ages

  • Accustomed to being handled by a veterinarian and health professionals

  • Accustomed to being handled by a groomer

  • Familiar with television noise, sounds of household appliances, music, sounds of traffic, and blow dryers.

Health Maintanance​

  • Worming will be done monthly

  • Vaccinations will be kept up to date

  • Baths, nail trimmings, ear cleanings are done weekly

  • Kept up to date on a grooming schedule 

Transition Period

We will help walk you through the transition period during the first few days that your puppy is home with you. The puppy is in a totally new location with totally new smells and people. The puppy will often need a few days to adjust if it is going to settle well in your home. We are here for you.

Our Dog Training Program is Ideal for:

  • Families with work schedules that make potty training/all-day supervision in the beginning difficult

  • Busy Parents (with potty training or teething children already)

  • Families with health concerns or special needs who may be unable to keep up with the demands of a young puppy

  • Those who are wanting a jump start on their pups training and health maintenance