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From Kerry and David via email:

"I cannot thank you enough for Fall! He's now 3.5 years old and absolutely amazing. We've even certified him as a therapy dog... We couldn't be happier."

From Anthony Piccolo via Email:

​"Since Ellie has been with us in August 2020 (almost 7 months now) she has been an amazing addition to our family.  I truly believe that the temperament testing that was done when Ellie was with the Adventure Doodles family was spot on! She is extremely respectful and smart and training her has been such a breeze.  She truly loves being around myself, my wife and my children and her personality is a perfect fit for families with young children.  I highly recommend purchasing a puppy from Adventure Doodles!"

From Zach Schott via text message:

"I really can’t thank you and your family enough! I know it’s only been a day but She’s been so good and so smart you can tell you guys really put a lot into your puppies and it makes a huge difference. I’ve been taking her out pretty frequently but have a grass patch in my living room right now and she’s been using it all on her own. So far it’s been a pretty sure free and fun process! Thank you guys!"

From Kimberly Coronel via text message after getting home with their puppy:

"Drew said in the car..”I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life” 💙. Thanks for being awesome at what you do. Sure makes a difference to our family!!"

From Kenneth Matthews via text message:

"Dunkin is doing fantastic.  He is an awesome pup.  Adjusting well to everything.  Great addition to the family.   We do love taking pics of the kids and now him. "

From Karen Matthews via Face Book post:

"Meet Dunkin doodle! We hope he loves his new home close to the beach as much as our family does. He's only been with us for a week, but we are so in love with this fluffy, loving little guy and don't know what we would do without his puppy love💗 Thank you so much, Andy and Jenny and your sweet children for taking such special care of him until he came home with us!"

From Janet Dowd via text with accompanying pictures:

"Eli’s first birthday. Thank you for such an adorable, loving pup. He brings us such joy everyday !! Merry Christmas !!"

From Terri Jones via text:

"Andy, I love your new website! It is fun to look at your dogs with their past pups.  Tucker has been such a joy! He gets along with ever one, allows the grandchildren to carry him around everywhere, and is the best snuggler ever. He is very chill.I don’t know how you did it but from the time I brought him home he knew that grass means potty and he potties on command every time he is told. He is the easiest dog I have ever trained. He is very smart! I will send pictures as he grows!"

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