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We offer beautiful puppies with a lot of value added (compare us to ANY OTHER doodles offered)

•  Your puppy will go home with a leash, collar, crate, and bed.  Plus we provide a goody bag, which includes a weeks worth of high quality Orijen Puppy food, dog bowls, harness, toy, and baby blanket with its litter mates scent on it.

•  Beginning Crate Training: so they are familiar with their crate, and comfortable entering/exiting it.  (Your puppy will go home with its own crate and bed.)

•  Collar Training: Your puppy will be comfortable wearing and sleeping with a collar (a big deal for a little puppy!). 

•  A 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

•  Temperament testing using the Volhard test

•  Your puppy is raised in a house. Your puppy will be well socialized with men, women, children, grooming, and veterinarians. Your puppy will also be exposed to both the indoors (vacuuming, kids playing, toys) and outdoors (cars, mowing in the distance, etc).

•  We will welcome home any puppy at any time, though we will not refund their cost.  We will always take one of our puppies back because we take care of our family!  We understand that circumstances can change suddenly (they have for us!) and don't ever want a family member ending up homeless or even worse, because their people are facing challenges.

•  Pictures, video, and preparation tips sent BI WEEKLY, from birth to 8 weeks.

Micro chipped with your name and contact information so you can be found if your puppy is ever lost.

• Your puppy will be fully VET CHECKED and up to date on all wormer and vaccinations.

• Support, before and AFTER your adoption.

• Curbside delivery available within a 4 hour radius of Fayetteville, WV for $300.

• Covid-19 precautions: masks, social distancing, & outdoors followed on puppy home placement day.


Our mini-golden doodles are competitively priced at $3,500

We ask for a $500 deposit to reserve your puppy. 

Deposits count toward the final cost of your puppy, so $3,000 due on adoption day.